Top Levitation Applications
Magnetic force rise up with levitation lifting height decreasing from Top base. The objects weight is counteracted by gravitational force. Magnetic force is permanent for a designed Device. Top Levitation apply to levitating bottles, Levitating can,  Top of products are requested as complanate as possible. It only can levitate a fixed weight, But can not levitate ranges, Because capacity is restrained, Top levitation used to which products' weight  is fixed.     

How to customize Top levitation ? 
  • floating magnetic display
  • levitating speaker
  • magnetic levitation
  • floating display
  • levitation magnetic
  • flyte levitating light
  • Magnetic Floating light display
  • levitating
  • levitating magnet 
  • levitation
  • magnetic levitating pen
  • levitating light
  • levitating shoe
  • levitating clock