Shenzhen Gleagle Technology Co.,Ltd is a Chinese famous manufacturer, headquartered in Shenzhen, Guangdong. Gleagle specialize in Designing & producing of magnetic levitation. Gleagle main products is levitation display, levitation globes, levitating light bulb and levitating solutions. Gleagle is the leader of manufacturer in bottom magnetic levitation industry in China. And overtaken HCNT in 2014.                                                                                                              
Gleagle was founded in 2008 by Luo JunXue a former engineer in the People's Liberation Army, At the time of its establishment, Gleagle focused on manufacturing magnetic levitation module which apply to magnetic levitation globe, levitation display, levitating light bulb, levitating solutions.
Specialize in Magnetic levitation 
Bottom magnetic levitation module, as a new technology, are widely used. Bottom levitation modules can levitate a widely range of weight, it solved levitating narrow range problem which top levitation encountered, but Bottom levitation modules still encountered over-temperature falling technological difficulty(when a bottom levitation module works 30mins, Products’ temperature rise over peak value, then magnetic disc fall, it is hard to operate again until cooling ). Gleagle solved over-temperature falling technological difficulty successfully in 2014.
Mastered  Core Technology 
Gleagle became the only one company with the core technology in bottom magnetic levitation industry.
Gleagle solved over-temperature falling technological difficulty successfully 

Invented Top Levitating light Bulb
Through two years of hard work, Gleagle invented Top Levitating light Bulb – Gleagle Light which is the great inventions of 2017. Gleagle light is a real innovative light with a WOW factor. Gleagle create top Levitating light, the bulb is powered wirelessly via induction. Get the Levitating Light, Illuminate your room with Gleagle style using this levitating light bulb.                                                                          
No. ISA/HK/170323
Gleagle also is the only one manufacturer passed ISO9001 
QMS Certification in magnetic levitation industry in China

Gleagle’s products can be adapted to different temperatures, environment, humidity and conditions, etc. Bottom levitation module design is made through recent core technology in the sciences of electro-magnetic levitation and very high energy magnets. This sophisticated technology uses gravity, the downward force, which is balanced by the upward force of two opposed permanent magnets.

Quality is the life of Gleagle
In 2014,  Gleagle recorded a profit of 1 billion CNY, 
Gleagle products and services have been known in more than 140 countries .
Superior and Sincere Services
As Gleagle founder Mr.Luo Said: ‘People always ask us, "What keeps you up at night?".For us, it is making sure that our customers are not only happy with our products but also elated with their experience that they tell their friends and families about our products’.