Please read this manual instructions carefully, this manual gets you started quickly enjoying your Levitating light with a great initial experience. The manual may help you levitate your bulb easily and successfully, the manual guide includes important safety information and how to operate correctly to avoid the accident happens.
① Getting Started
Place the base on a flat surface, Connect the cable to DC pot of the base, Plug the adapter to your outlet (100-240VAC)
② To find balance point
You need to know that the bulb can be levitated is a balance of interaction force, you need to find the balance point out, the balance point located at 2cm position underneath the Top Device.
③ To levitate the bulb
Hold the bulb underneath the Top Device, Make sure the bulb far away from the Top Device 10cm at least, then move to the Top Device. you will know when you have approximately reached this point because the bulb will feel almost balanced in mid-air – not falling down and not being pushed up. 

Once you feel that you have reached the balance point you can begin to gently release your hold of bulb. 

If it floats – Congratulations! If it falls – simply start over.
The Levitating light bulb is a representative application of magnetic levitation engineering, the techniques involved in operation are new to most people. Practice may be needed when learning how to properly operate this device. Do not become discouraged if you cannot achieve levitation after a few tries. With practice, you will become a master. 

The electromagnetic field sensor inside your Levitation device is designed to automatically turn off power to the unit under certain conditions such as overheating in order to prevent damage to the circuitry and ensure long product life. So, if after a few tries, you have not successfully levitated the bulb please wait a minute or more before your next attempt 

The bulb may drops when you release your hand if you did not find the balance point, Make sure the bulb can be protected when dropping. Smash void warranty.