Any buyer is welcomed to place sample order to check the quality. Buyer can apply to get a free sample as folllow:                                                    
1PC Sample fee can be repplied to refund after order at MOQ 100pcs this model one time. 

NOTE: This policy only apply to GLEAGLE general products.                                                        
if you start sell magnetic levitation products just beginning, you won't order 100pcs one time but would like get a free sample . you also can apply to get a free sample after doing some works for exchange as follow: 1. You need take a sample test HD video 2. Video must be 2 mins in length at least, 3. Video must include your voice in local language and tell viewer products bought from GLEAGLE 4. Video must show that how the products works and how to operate 5. Video must eliminate shake as much as possible After those works you need it to google Driver and share download link to, your video will be examined within 48hours. If the video meet requirements, you will received the refund of 1pc sample after your agreeing for using the video. 

 Note: Policy only apply to Specific product.             

If you would like to use our products in exhibition, We are happy to offer you a free sample with our logos. But you need pay it in advance, We will refund samples fee after getting proofs.

Note: This policy only apply to specific levitation displays.                                                                                                

Q: will srefundhipping be refund?  
A:  No. only refund sample fee.

Q: If I bought different model samples then order 100pcs in total? can I get a refund? 
A:  No.  Refund only apply to each item exceeds 100pcs.