Can magnetic levitation products work with battery


Can magnetic levitation products work with battery? 

Answer: Yes., but it is not recommended

Regarding battery power supply:

It is not recommended to use batteries as power supply for a magnetic levitation products.  

The reason is that levitation display working voltage is 12V DC.Even if working curent less than 500mA But surge current up to 2A when operating. so much curent is harm for general batteries, it  need use better batteries(More expensive). 

Secondly, the magnetic disc/globe  fall off and impact base when batteries power off.

In addition,  batteries cost is expensive,  4 group batteries is 10USD and only can work 4hours, that is to say,  woking 24hours need 6 group batteries and cost above 60USD.  But above all. Batteries life decrease reduce gradually over time, the situation same as your phone batteries.

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