Regarding declare value


Generally speaking, shipping invoice is an important file for customs clearance at destination port.


Declare value should be written according to actual value of goods, meanwhile shipping cost also should be written in shipping invoice.


For example:



Unit Price


XXX Goods




Shipping fee


Total amount



Customers need to pay import tax; Most of the countries’ import tax bases on declare value. For example, European Union countries customs calculate  tax via total amount*10%


An effective way to reduce import tax is that declaring value less than the actual value.

It is suggested for 40%-50%, But some countries demand to declare according to the actual value. For example, Canadian customs demand declaring value according to the actual value. If declaring less than the actual value, it risk when clearing customs. Some customs holds goods for many days or confiscate directly.


Our policy:

1.    We declare actual value in shipping invoice.

2.    We agree to reduce declaring value if customers requested, but customers need to take all risks.

3.    If customers request to reduce declare value, they need to offer a certain value. For example, 50% for goods and 100% for shipping, meanwhile Customers agree to take all risks.

4.    If customers did not request, we will declare 100% for goods and shipping fee.


Those policy terms only apply to Gleagle products or authorized by Gleagle.

Note: &  only as a reference.  Actual Costs consult local policy.