The optimum design of 2017
Top Levitating Light bulb
Something you never knew existed until you saw it - then you had to have it, such as levitating light bulb, a great products. works in the air without cables and batteries.
A great invention 
Levitating light bulb FB5   
Levitaitng light FB5-C
The best Chrismas gift
A real wood base from nature
a magically floating accent light (or nightlight) with hypnotic appeal and classic styling. It features a luxurious base and a vintage-style bulb with modern LEDs as the filament. Bulb floats 24/7, even if the light is off. Makes great executive gift or office conversation piece
Levitating light bulb FB4 
Levitating light bulb FB2 Consist of a classical black base and upgraded light bulb
Levitating light bulb FB2
A bulb
A book
A levitating light Bulb
Levitating light bulb FB1