Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What happens if power off?
A: The bulb used two-way drive auto control system, the bulb can be Upward caught once power off
Q: How does the bulb light up?
A: The light bulb can be powered through wireless induction technology.
Q: How does the bulb levitate?
A: Simple but fascinating science, the levitation is the result of electromagnetic forces between the base and the bulb.
Q: Can I shiping by my shipper?
A: YES, Gleagle welcome Shippers authorised by Buyer.Gleagle is no longer responsibility for safety during shipping, The buyer is fully responsible for any damages and risk during shipping. Gleagle only offer Commercial Invoice and Packing list for free.
Q: Do Gleagle's shipping costs include import duties or any other fees
A: Gleagle shipping costs cover only the transportation of the product from Gleagle's warehouse to the country of the recipient and do not cover any import duties, taxes, or additional fees. Duties, taxes and fees follow local regulations and it is the recipient's responsibility to be aware of the policies in their country. The recipient alone is fully responsible for payment of any fees or duties generated by their purchase.
Q: How to Shipping?
A: If you choose Gleagle shipping service, Gleagle offer:
Express: DHL, Fedex, UPS, TNT...
By sea
By Airplane
Q: How to shipping to FBA? what is the cost?
A: Gleagle can help you shipping goods by special methods to FBA. 
Shipping fee is cheaper relatively, the actual shipping fee please contact sales Dept.
Q: Can you help me to process Amazon labels?
A: Yes, We are glad to process those labels for you, it is free if you only need paste labels on Cartons, but we may charge a little if you need paste on each products.     
Q: Can I buy on
A: Yes, you can, but you need apply for authorization by Gleagle before your started selling.
Sell on
Learn More please consult