How to customize your levitation?
Learn of levitating mechanism, confirm that your products is Nonmagnetic and Nonferrous, Bottom or Top should be complanate and Gravity is equilibrium.

Please measure following parameters : Size? shape? weight? center of gravity? Those parameters will help us to draft out feasible levitating solutions.
Measure your products
Top Levitation apply to levitating bottles,Levitating can, Top of products are requested as complanate as possible. It only can leviate a fixed weight. 
Bottom levitation modules can levitate a widely range of weight, it solved levitating capacity restrained problem, widely used.
Hide magnetic disc in Products will get max effect. The whole product will look like floating in the air. Confirm whether disc can be inserted in the Product.
Whether hide disc?
Bottom levitation can levitate 10-50mm height, Cost increase with height rising up. Top Levitaton levitate about 20mm.                        
Confirm Levitating height