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Frequently Asked Questions
Levitation Device BLD3000 is one of stong levitation modules,Which also is the max capacity of general devices. Please read this manual instructions carefully, this manual may gets you started quickly enjoying your Levitation project with a great initial experience. The instructions may help you operate easily and successfully, it guide includes important safety information and how to operate correctly to avoid the accident hapens.

This Levitation Device is a representative application of magnetic levitation engineering, the techniques involved in operation are new to most people. Practice may be needed when learning how to properly operate this device. Do not become discouraged if you cannot achieve levitation after a few tries. With practice, you will become a master.

Levitating Capacity: 

Max Capacity:

Magnet Disc:

Max Levitating Height:


Levitating Capacity: 

Max Capacity:

Magnet Disc

Max Levitating Height:
1. Measure erro of levitating hight ±2mm.
2. Max levitating height is measured under no load conditions.
3. Levitating height reduce with object levitated rising.
ⅰ. Getting Started Place the base on a flat surface, Connect the cable to DC pot of the base, Plug the adapter to your outlet (100-240VAC) 

ⅱ. To find balance point You need to know that the magnetic disc can be levitated is a balance of interaction force, you need to find the balance point out, the balance point located at 3.5cm height at the center of the base. 

ⅲ. IMPORTANT-Protect the base and your hands The disc may fall into the base and impact the base violently or hurt your hands. You must put the foam or something soft to buffer this impact and protect your hand. 

ⅳ. Levitate it now Hold the magnet disc in both hands at a height of about a foot above the base surface and then lower the magnet disc to the magnetic balance point which you will find to be at approximately a height of 35mm(BLD3000+ at 55mm) above the base. You will know when you have approximately reached this point because the magnet disc will feel almost balanced in mid-air – not falling down and not being pushed up. 
Once you feel that you have reached the balance point you can begin to gently release your hold. If it floats – Congratulations! If it falls – simply start over. 

ⅴ. Levitate your project Once the disc is balanced successfully, you can put your object on the disc gently. Please confirm that the base still be protect by the foam or other something soft. The disc may fall again when you put your object on it. If it levitate the object, then take the foam gently 

The electromagnetic field sensor inside your Levitation device is designed to automatically turn off power to the unit under certain conditions such as overheating in order to prevent damage to the circuitry and ensure long product life. So, if after a few tries, you have not successfully levitated the disc please wait a minute or more before your next attempt 

ⅵ. Cancel your levitation You also must put the foam or something soft again between the base and disc, then take your object and disc down.
-Watch out for falling: The magnet disc may fall into base and impact the base violently or hurt your hands. You must put the foam or something soft to buffer this impact and protect your hand. 

-Watch out for attracting: The magnetic disc will be attracted by the strong magnetic field generated from the base. You must put the disc far from the base 30cm at least.

Do not drop, strike, or cause any portion of the product to be struck or shaken aggressively, such actions may damage the product and void your warranty. 

To avoid possible risk, Children under 18 years old are banned to operating. 

Do not adsorb the disc to the base, the magnetism of disc may be assimilated by the magnetic field from the base, this is very important for a magnetic levitation product. Such actions may void your warranty. 

Do not levitate the object ferriferous or magnetic, those material may break distribution magnetic field and. Don not levitate electronic items which may be damaged by the strong magnetic field. 

FOR INDOOR USE ONLY and protect your hand. 
This strong levitation device is dangerous, Please operate according to instructions, Gleagle only offer correlative service for products only. Users must agree to take all risks and damages before buy.
Q: Why the disc fall after working hours?
A: Temperature of base is controlled by sensor, once temperature over threshold level, the system shut off power for safety. This falling may be caused by environmental change or disharmonious products levitated. Please contact to get more help.nbsp;
Q: Why the base warm?
A: It is normal for electronics to heat up after continuous use. It is safe.
Q: What happens if power off?
A: The magnetic disc fall once power off, you must protect the base effectively before power off.
Q: Can the magnetic disc rotate?
A: Levitation rotation speed also is uncontrollable, rotation speed is decided by a lot of factors. Even if it is uncontrollable, Gleagle make it within an acceptable range before delivery.
If any of above information is inexact, welcome to correct.

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